Real Estate Investments

The Safehold LLC coordinates residential real estate investments to provide safe and affordable housing opportunities.

We currently hold single and multi-family properties in Mississippi and California, and we are actively expanding our holdings

Project Management

The Safehold LLC provides cradle to grave project management services for all types of development efforts. Our project managers bring decades of experience coordinating projects in the federal and commercial market places fro technology, scientific and construction projects. 

Property Management

The Safehold LLC provides turnkey property management services to its residential investment partners.

Our professional site managers ensure that our property holdings are well maintained, safe and are comfortable and affordable.

Joint Venture Partnerships

The Safehold LLCs is always on the look out to join with real estate investors and entrepreneurs bringing funding and experience to residential and multi-family joint ventures

We also work with real estate wholesalers, fix and flippers, and entrepreneurs partnering with them to help with short term, transactional or gap funding needs.

What Sets us Apart

At the Safehold we advocate the principals of Family, Community, Country in every project we take on. Finding ways to improve efficiencies and enable others to succeed, ensures that we in turn succeed.

Our motto is … “Ad Vitam et Familia” … For Life and Family. 


We maintain a focus on relationship development. Our clients are the focus of everything we do.


We maintain a corporate culture focused on continuous improvement and providing unparalleled service.


We are committed to providing families with the homes they need to live safely and comfortably. 


Transparency and agility, ensure that we are able to meet our goals and objectives.

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